About Us

At HumungoDeals our mission is simpleā€¦ 
to get you to go on vacation at the best prices you will ever find.
Why did 34 million people who visited Mexico last year pay too much for their vacations?

Where? It’s completely up to you.

While we do not own resorts, we do partner with some of the world’s largest and most reputable developers of luxury vacation resorts in Mexico, The Caribbean, South America, U.S. and world-wide. Currently we are partnering with a group of premium resort developers with multiple resorts in 4 popular destinations in Mexico. Our offers are constantly being updated, so check back often!  

Hotel choices are based on availability, and confirmed upon reservation request. All resorts are guaranteed oceanfront all inclusive accommodations. Hotels hold 3 or 4 star ratings. Airport pickup is included.  No blackout dates. Book early, availability limited.

When? It’s also completely up to you.

Buy today to lock in your deal… and decide your dates later. You have up to a year to take your trip!

Why? You DESERVE a vacation.

Americans and Canadians are statistically some of the worst in the world when it comes to taking vacation, and in direct correlation suffer some of the most stress related illnesses.

In Canada in addition to getting 10 paid vacation days, Canadians also receive nine paid holidays, for a total of 19 paid days off per year.

A remarkable 23 percent of Americans have no paid vacations and no paid holidays. 10 is the magic number. The average American worker receives 10 days of paid vacation per year. While European countries, in contrast, mandate that employers offer at least 20 days a year.

Only 36 percent of Americans hold a valid passport, according to the State Department, compared to 60 percent of passport-holding Canadians and 75 percentfor Brits and Aussies. That means almost 70 percent of us are unqualified for international travel. Message – if you don’t have one – get your passport!

Common effects of not taking time off to decompress are stress symptoms and impact more than your mental health. They can affect your body, your thoughts and feelings, and your behavior. ... Stress that's left unchecked can contribute to many health problems, such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity and diabetes.

How many times have you wanted to take a vacation but thought, I just have too much to do?

How many times have you complained how exhausted you are but without doing anything about it?

How many times have you been frustrated by the long hours you are working, but without giving yourself a rest?

According to a recent survey, the average U.S. employee takes only half of their allotted vacation time. Unsurprisingly, they're suffering from being overworked, overwhelmed and overwrought.

Even among those who actually do go on vacation, three in five admitted to doing some work during vacation. A quarter was contacted by a coworker while they were on vacation, and 20 percent were contacted by their supervisor about a work-related issue.

It's time we say "enough is enough" and learn to put our needs first. Taking time off is good for your mental and physical health, and you can come back more productive and effective. It's a win-win.

Here are four science-based reasons you should book your next vacation today:

Stress Reduction

Heart disease prevention

Improved productivity

Better sleep

So once you are committed to the idea that you deserve and NEED a vacation – it is often lack of time and financial resources that hold us back. This is where HumungoDeals.com has the magic recipe – it is a WIN for you as the traveler and a WIN for the resort owners we partner with….

These owners and developers want you to come experience their resorts, take them for a test drive (so to speak) - and be exposed to their vacation ownership opportunities. For many families, vacation ownership programs are a way to not only save money on vacations, but also in essence “force” or prompt them to do what they know they need and want to do anyway - which is to take an annual vacation. There is no obligation to purchase, and by simply attending a presentation about one of these ownership programs, we are able to offer high quality stays at very minimal costs. This allows many families the opportunity to travel, relax, and experience destinations they otherwise could not.

Why Mexico?

In today’s economy and time pressured work place, the ability to get to your exotic destination quickly and affordably is the key. Mexico has beautiful tropical beaches a direct flight away for Americans and Canadians on both sides of the continent. So it makes travel easy.

The ease of getting there, affordability of flights, warmth and friendliness of the local people, amazing diversity of exotic cuisine, and lovely tropical year-round weather are all reasons that Mexico has become the #1 vacation destination for Americans and Canadians alike. We are currently offering affordable resort stays at 3 of the most well-known, safest and most popular Mexico resort destinations (Puerto Vallarta, Cancun / Riviera Maya, and Cabo San Lucas / San Jose del Cabo), as well as an emerging gem, soon to be at the top of the list , Loreto.