Please read carefully to ensure you understand the offer fully and meet all qualification requirements. 

a. Language - English/Spanish or both. – All must speak at least one fluently.

b. Marital status – Married or Unmarried ok / see below for age requirements based on marital status:

If married both partner must travel together and attend presentation.

c. Age of travelers

          i. Single Male or Female – Age 30-70 

          ii. Married couple – one partner must be 30-70 year of age.

d. Passport-US or Canada only.

e. Income - $50,000 minimum *individual or married couple.

f. Credit card – Visa/MasterCard/Amex *must have at least one current, valid card *debit card does not qualify. 

g. Client may not have participated in a presentation offer from the Villa and or Tafer Group within the last six months. In addition, the client may not have attended more than one prior presentation with either the Villa or Tafer Group.